Is it a Boat or Is it a Trailer?

Price: $11,990

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User: mgfabbro
Phone: (250) 729-5388

16' Float Trailer weighs 1050 lbs. and built for Hi-way and off road.

Watch video on the following address -

Independent suspension, no axle, gives you high ground clearance.

Wheels winch up into the side of the hull above the water line and are covered by a sliding door as seen in the first picture.

4'6" front ramp door opening.

Regulated to carry 1,529 lbs on the water.

With a 30hp cruises at 24mph.

Pricing starts at $11,990.00 plus shipping/pdi/taxes

more pictures at

Call Mike at A MARINE BOAT SALES (250)729-5388
Dealer for Float Trailer

Dealer Financing oac.

20' (tandem) available with:
5'6" front ramp door opening
7'10" Beam
weighs only 1700 lbs.
Start at $19,950.00 + pdi/shipping/taxes

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